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About ZoneFunnel

Innovation is the key to launch ZoneFunnel. We wanted to do something innovative and contribute to the fulfillment industry. Most of the fulfillment companies could not afford more than one warehouse location. On the other hand some companies with warehouses in multiple locations are struggling to keep those warehouse busy. Shipping from single location is very expensive and also is time consuming.

Bringing Fulfillment Companies Together

We found the solution. This platform is to bring all the fulfillment companies around the world together. Now the fulfillment companies can share and benefit each other using this platform without any hassle.

Technology is our strength. Fulfillment companies need not be tech savvy to use our platform. Our software made it so simple that we can integrate with your system and get you on board within days.

It's True

This platform allows to integrate with ANY eCommerce shopping cart Api within MINUTES and start getting orders to your system.

Integrate With Shopping Carts

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Current Press-Releases

E-Commerce & Integration easy as 1,2,3

There are so many shopping cart softwares available in today’s market which is easy to use. Selling products online became very easy because of these shopping cart softwares. There are 2 types of shopping carts available namely hosted and self hosted. This article explains about how to use these shopping carts, the advantages and disadvantages and how ZoneFunnel made integration with shopping cart and your system easy..

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Connecting Fulfillment Companies

Warehousing and storage in the United States is currently a $22 Billion industry employing over 600,000 people. Add in another $9 Billion and 60,000 employees that handle order fulfillment and you’re looking at a major industry.

Almost 10,000 U.S. businesses take part in this industry, organizing and directing the flow of hundred of millions of dollars worth of merchandise a year.

Let’s look at a breakdown of some key statistics that outline the state of affairs as it pertains to warehousing, fulfillment technology, and the distribution of goods across the nation.

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Affordable Packages

Basic Pack

$ 200

  • One time setup fee $ 1000
  • Transaction fee $0.07 / Orders
  • 50 Stores
  • 10,000 Orders / Month
  • Fulfillment Partner

Standard Pack

$ 900

  • One time setup fee $ 1000
  • Transaction fee $0.03 / Orders
  • 100 Stores
  • Unlimited Orders / Month
  • Fulfillment Partner

Enterprise Pack

$ 1500

  • One time setup fee $ 1000
  • Transaction fee $0.03 / Orders
  • Unlimited Stores
  • Unlimited Orders / Month
  • Fulfillment Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of partnering with warehouse in multiple location?

Win High Volume Customers

With single location it is easy to win small time customers. However, high volume companies usually looks for multiple location. By partnering with other fulfillment companies you can advertise multiple location and win high volume customers. One big customer can bring a huge possitive impact to your business.

Save money

From West Coast to East Coast via USPS priority or FedEx Ground shipping a 2 LB product will cost you appx $4 to $7 more than shipping from East Coast to East Coast and vice versa. Typically one of your customer shipping 10,000 orders per year could save appx $40,000. By doing this you are cutting zone 8 to Zone 4.

Based on weight and distance you could save even more..

Save Time

Shipping from West Coast to East Coast takes up to 7 business days via Ground services. By partnering with companies in East Coast you can save appx 3 days in delivery.

Looking for warehouse space in more than one location - domestic and international?

If you are fulfillment company warehouse space becomes significant. However most of the fulfillment companies cannot afford to have multiple location because of the cost factor. Some companies has only 30,000 sq ft to 50,000 sq ft. When their business starts growing, warehouse space becomes a big issue. Such companies starts loosing big sales opportunities. Don’t worry our platform can help you solve this issue. We are connected and connecting with companies that has millions of sq ft of warehouse space. Simply join our platform and become partner with these companies. We make the integration easy.

Have more space but looking for additional business revenue?

Small companies are losing sales opportunity due to the lack of warehouse space. These small companies can use your warehouse space and service. They can refer business to you. We are connected and connecting with these small fulfillment companies. Join our platform and become partner with these companies and offer your service. We make the integration easy.

Can ZoneFunnel integrate with an E-Commerce system that is not listed in its platform?

Yes. We can integrate with any E-Commerce system as long as they have API or webhooks. Please send us the details of the E-Commerce system you would like to integrate. It would speed up the process if you can send us the API authentication details.

How many days will it take for ZoneFunnel to integrate with a new E-Commerce system that is not listed in ZoneFunnel?

Typically it will take a day or two to add new E-Commerce system to our platform, provided you can send us API access / authentication details. If you have live account in the E-Commerce system we can help you find those details.

Is there any additional cost apart from monthly fee to integrate with a new E-Commerce system that is not listed in ZoneFunnel?

No. We do not charge additional fee to add a new platform. It is covered in your monthly fee.

How long will it take to receive the orders from the shopping cart to our Fulfillment system?

Typically it will take an hour to get the orders from shopping cart to your system.

Can ZoneFunnel send shipment confirmation back to shopping carts?

If the shopping cart has API to receive shipment confirmation, and if your system has API methods to pull shipping confirmation details, ZoneFunnel can send shipping confirmation to shopping carts. Please contact our support team to find what API method is required in your system.

We do not have API. But our system can accept orders in Excel spreadsheet. Can ZoneFunnel download orders from shopping cart and upload in a spreadsheet to our FTP?


Can ZoneFunnel integrate with ERP system such as SAP, NetSuite, Salesforce?


Can ZoneFunnel integrate with webhooks?


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